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2015 Stingray ZO6 upgrade

This is 1 of 2 recent Stingrays Carr's has worked on. With this Stingray we switched out all original Stingray parts for ZO6 body parts. We added a custom pearl yellow with subtle graphics that are hard to even show on film. An amazing sight to see!

2015 Mustang Customization

Taking an american classic to new heights. Adding flares to the front and rear of this muscle car first and then spraying it with another one of Carr's customs paint jobs. Mustang GT with twin turbos pushing 600 plus horsepower it's a real head turner in more ways then one.

2015 Stingray Custom Paint

This 2015 Stingray was a fun mix of stock and Carr's Custom details. Adding airbrushed lettering while spraying on new graphics and blacking out the top and back of this car. Taking a stock paint job and making this car a one of a kind, this Stingray now has the extra pop of brilliance these American Muscle cars deserve!

Series 1 Shelby Cobra

A Unique beauty that we had the pleasure of adding racing stripes and a few custom details to. Carr's does a wide range of auto customization so even if you'd just like to add some uniqueness to your dream car Carr's can make it happen!

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