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1946 Chevy

We have the pleasure of rebuilding a customers grandfathers pickup that was bought new. This is the same truck our customer learned to drive on. This is going to be a really fun rebuild installing lots of new upgrades but working to maintain the original outward appearance of the truck. Such a pleasure to be a part of bringing peoples dreams to life.

1955 Chevy Pickup

This is a Insurance repair job. The truck was hit in Left front and we are now making sheet metal alignments on front of cab and reshaping hood and front fenders. Making new firewall covers, Installing new master cylinder and more. Stay tuned for further info.

1941 Willy's Pro Street

Started by a friend of ours who linked us up with the customer to continue and finish this fun project. The original idea was to be strictly a drag racer but is now going to be streetable. Getting rewired, New Bodywork, and draped in a Custom Paint Job that we can't wait to share with you. Stay Tuned!

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